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Reverse Engineering God: Irreligious Answers to Fundamental Questions

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Reverse Engineering God: Irreligious Answers to Fundamental Questions

June 02
03:39 2020

Author: Michael Rothschild

Genre: Nonfiction / Religion/ Spiritualy / Science and philosophy

Subject: Rational and science-based answers to Fundamental Questions

ISBN-13: 979-8639440939


Page Count:  224 pages

Publish Date: April 27, 2020

Amazon Price (Soft cover Book): 14.95, EBook: 2.99 (https://amzn.to/3grBQLe)

Book Promo:

What is morality? Do we have free will? Are there any limits to what the human mind can understand? How is it that humans speak? Why do we die? What is it that transcendental meditation transcends? If you ever asked yourself questions of this type then this book is for you.

Reverse Engineering God proposes rational and science-based answers to these and many other related and similar questions. It does so in a series of short “stories.” Each story presents one question, describes the scientific data available for its solution, shows how these data, when combined with logical inferences, can be used to answer the question, and points to its relation with other questions.

About the Author:

Michael Rothschild is a robot conceived by no designer. His creators were robots of the same model, who executed a built-in routine they did not completely understand to create him.

He is a member of a group of nearly 8 billion robots of the same brand. These robots are as close as possible to being human; indeed they are human. Although they are part of the same model, no two robots are identical, and each one has been tuned to prefer certain activities over others. Michael’s personal preference is to try to make sense of the world, which is what he’s been doing for most of his life.

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