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How to Increase Job Security in a COVID-19 World

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How to Increase Job Security in a COVID-19 World

October 26
18:10 2020
How to Increase Job Security in a COVID-19 World
Nobody knows when the next wave of layoffs will come, so it’s better to get prepared and stay open for new opportunities

Question: “Should I be looking for a new job even if I already have one?”

Short answer: “Yes, you definitely should, provided that you do it safely and use specialized tools and techniques.”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have global and far-reaching effects on workplaces. One of the unfortunate realities facing employees is the state of businesses in the global economy.

Our understanding of employment has already changed because of COVID-19. It’s now obvious that there is a permanent risk of job loss for almost everyone. Nobody knows when the next surge of layoffs will come, so it’s better to get prepared.

In these circumstances, it makes sense for an employee to start looking for “plan B” job opportunities in advance, unless one wants to lose their income one day. That’s what companies usually do by interviewing new workers for your team (who could be also seen as your competitors by the way).

However, there is a problem. If an employee is actively and openly looking for a new job, it may hurt their current employment including their relationships with coworkers, any promotion plans etc. On the other hand, not having “backup” job opportunities at all will result in the risk of losing their income any day, just like it happened during the recent wave of layoffs for millions of workers.

In response to that, a group of tech volunteers created https://Mirajobs.com – the anonymous hiring marketplace. With Mirajobs, you can publish your job seeker’s profile online and let prospective employers apply to you. Most importantly, your profile is completely anonymous. Essentially, it’s a brief version of your resume without any personal details, which only contains a high-level professional overview, years of experience, skills and expectations. Employers then review your profile and apply with a job description. If the application looks interesting, you can accept an invitation and reveal your contacts.

Anonymous job search is time-saving, because you only need to react to employers’ invitations without having to browse job listings and fill out application forms on a regular basis. Also, anonymous job search helps to eliminate any type of discrimination and bias during the screening process in hiring.

As a bonus, candidates using anonymous job search have a much stronger position in compensation negotiations. The reason is that it is the employer who wants to change the status quo and thus the company has to convince the candidate to switch the job. So you could use your current employment as a “backup” in order to increase your bargaining power. This approach is more efficient compared to searching for a new job when unemployed and urgently needing funds.

Also, from a professional growth perspective, it is recommended for every professional to be on a constant lookout for what’s going on in the industry, in order to know your real worth and current market trends.

To summarize, anonymous job search marketplaces like https://Mirajobs.com help workers to mitigate the risk of unemployment by safely looking for a job in advance, and it can also help to switch to a better job.

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