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UV Pro-MAX by UV Sterile Pro is now available in the USA.

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UV Pro-MAX by UV Sterile Pro is now available in the USA.

October 26
18:24 2020
UV Pro-MAX by UV Sterile Pro is now available in the USA.
Kill up to 99% of Viruses (including COVID-19), Bacteria, Dust Mites & Germs living on surfaces and in the air!. Sterilize up to 645sqf in under an hour.

UV Pro-MAX is a portable yet powerful 60W UV-C sterilizer incorporating a motion activated safety sensor and four preset timer functions with automatic start/stop feature. It can sterilize a room as large as 645 square feet and for larger rooms multiple units can be deployed in the room providing sterilization for extremely large areas very quickly. It’s inbuilt motion sensor means that during operation UV Pro-MAX senses when a person or pet comes within a 10ft range and instantly switches into idle mode, turning off the UV bulb. After 10 seconds UV Pro-MAX automatically restarts the remainder of the selected sterilization cycle – Now that’s SMART!

For more information on UV Pro-MAX visit – https://uvsterilepro.com/products/uv-pro-max

UV Pro-MAX utilizes dual UV-C Light plus Ozone sterilization and has been lab tested as killing 99% of microbes in the air and on surfaces when used as directed. UV-C Light Sterilization has been trusted and used by hospitals for decades and Ozone is a well-known and powerful disinfectant that kills microorganisms very effectively. Ozone sterilization applications in water and wastewater treatments are widely used by most of the modern cities. Ozone is a much stronger oxidizer than other common disinfectants such as chlorine and hypochlorite (Household Chemical Cleaners). These nasty chemical cleaners are known to leave cancer causing carcinogenic by-products in the environment. In contrast, UV-C light and Ozone do not produce any harmful residues, and all the residual Ozone that is produced during the sterilization cycle by UV Pro-MAX is converted back to oxygen within a matter of minutes. UV Light and Ozone sterilization are therefore considered to be safe and environmentally friendly disinfectant.

According to company spokesperson John Pearce, New Zealand based UV Sterile Pro has already deployed UV Pro-MAX throughout Australasia, Asia & Africa and is now looking towards their launch into North America and Europe this month (October). Our clients to date are large and small alike. They come in all shapes and sizes including healthcare providers, Schools, Resorts & Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Retailers etc. right through to householders looking for a smart way to sanitize their homes.

For more information visit https://uvsterilepro.com/

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