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Shark Shades Helps Add Excitement and Joy to the Beach Experience

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Shark Shades Helps Add Excitement and Joy to the Beach Experience

August 03
19:06 2021
This product helps people find sharks’ teeth on the beach.

This summer, as fears regarding the Covid pandemic are starting to wane, the world has started to re-open. People are once again taking their annual migration to their beach of choice for a much-needed vacation. Nothing really beats a trip to the beach to relax and soak in the sun and the salty air. As it has always been, people look forward to feeling the sand between their toes, riding waves in the ocean, and finding sharks’ teeth on the beach.

Nearly everyone enjoys finding sharks’ teeth at the beach. There is just something magical about finding keepsake treasures on the beach like sharks’ teeth. However, some people have real difficulty finding them amongst the other things that wash up on the shore. To find anything, individuals must create a “search image” in their mind, and use that search image to scan their environment. When they are trying to find sharks teeth, the search image should include the color and shape of the majority of teeth that they will find. Most sharks’ teeth on the beach will be roughly triangular, black in color, and they will wash up with the other shells as the tide comes in. Therefore, scanning the shell beds is the highest yield method for finding sharks’ teeth.

Shark Shades is the first, and only glasses designed to help people find sharks’ teeth on the beach, and the reason that they are so effective is that the unique, proprietary lens in the glasses can effectively eliminate the background “distractors” in the shell beds, and make the color of the sharks teeth stand out. This will essentially cut their effort in half, and allow them to focus only on the “shape” aspect of their search image. Just like anything else in life, if they use the right tools, their job becomes easier.

The concept of Shark Shades actually came from a 10-year-old boy who just loves finding sharks’ teeth on the beach. He innocently asked his father, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had some glasses that made it easier to find the sharks’ teeth?” Well, his father is an Ophthalmologist, and they set out to see if it could be done. Together, they tested all sorts of different lenses, tints, coatings, polarization, etc., and the end result is Shark Shades!

To browse, shop, and learn more about Shark Shades, visit https://www.shark-shades.com.

About Shark Shades

Designed by an Ophthalmologist, Shark Shades’ proprietary lens design is very effective in making the black color of sharks’ teeth stand out against the background shell beds. Shark Shades is the first and only glasses designed specifically to help people find more sharks’ teeth on the beach.

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