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The Powerful Functions Of Pet Sheets In Practical Applications

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The Powerful Functions Of Pet Sheets In Practical Applications

September 17
11:10 2021

Home is alive. Ildi designer integrates art into life. Bring the board to life. HSQY today launched the latest wood-PET.

The PET material has a high environmental protection level, is very environmentally friendly, has bright colors, small color difference, and has a strong visual three-dimensional effect. Cracking is the most common problem when processing wood panels, while PET material does not blow up during processing due to its own material structure characteristics, sealing edge never cracks, stable performance, wear and scratch resistance. Now, take a look at the powerful functions of PET sheets in practical applications.

https://www.hsplasticgroup.com/petpetg-sheet/PET sheet is omnipotent in terms of matching, whether it is used with wood grain, rock slab, or used alone, it can achieve perfect results. The pure and natural log style has always occupied a certain share in the home market, and the integration of PET sheets and logs eases the sense of comfort of a secluded guest in the mountains. With refreshing white and elegant black and gray as the main tone, the two tones echo each other, and the overall color is coordinated and unified. The colorful space tends to create a sense of pomp and weightlessness. The large area of white PET bed sheet with white as the main color gives a refreshing and clean feeling without losing atmosphere. The combination of white and natural wood color makes people feel like they are in a relaxing vacation atmosphere.

Rock plate stone is a hot home building materials in the market in recent years, the firm and luxurious expression is its charm to attract high-level consumers. PET sheet cool wind color can be naturally integrated into it, but also can offset some cold rigid.Matte PET sheets are often called skin-feel films and fingerprint-resistant films, which are soft to the touch like baby skin and perfect for use in closets. Glossy PET sheets have a bright and gorgeous surface and reflect light to make the whole home environment fresh and bright.

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