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The 10th “Put on Cheongsam and Go to Anren” to show the oriental charm started grandly

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The 10th “Put on Cheongsam and Go to Anren” to show the oriental charm started grandly

May 13
21:27 2022

In May, the 10th “Put on Cheongsam and Go to Anren” event officially started in Anren Ancient Town, Dayi County, Sichuan Province. It is reported that the event will last for one month, with cheongsam as the medium, helping Chengdu to build “a world famous cultural and creative city, a famous tourist city, a famous competition city, an international food capital, a music city and an exhibition capital”, and inviting tourists from all over the world to participate in the cultural feast.


Chengdu is a park city at the foot of snow mountains. 40 kilometers from west of Chengdu, visitors come to Anren Ancient Town, Dayi County, Sichuan Province, the soul “museum town” in China. Within the core area of this town, which is about 3 square kilometers, there are 27 well-preserved mansions of the Republic of China, which integrate Chinese and western cultures, and have a unique flavor of the Republic of China. The World Tourism Organization once noted “Anren Ancient Town is the best place for tourists to experience modern Chinese people’s lives”.

Since 2013, “Put on Cheongsam and Go to Anren” has been successfully held for nine times. Compared with previous years, there are many innovations in the 10th event, such as cheongsam tea party, cheongsam parent-child study tour, Anren time photo studio, life aesthetic experience and a series of cheongsam themed activities, so that visitors can fully feel the oriental fashion charm of cheongsam clothing while visiting the ancient town, and enjoy a richer, more expensive and better cultural travel experience.

Cheongsam parade is still the highlight of this year’s “Put on Cheongsam and Go to Anren” activity. Accompanied by elegant jazz music, nearly a hundred women in modern cheongsam formed a phalanx and performed with Anren Ancient Town as the stage. The blending of Chinese and western cultures instantly endows cheongsam with a different temperament-self-confidence, independence and enthusiasm. This is also the unique international cultural fusion of Anren ancient town. This is how cheongsam, with its beauty and tolerance, connects the east and the west, the past and the future.

In addition, this year’s “Put on Cheongsam and Go to Anren” also launched online activities, such as cloud live broadcast, cheongsam Dance Tik Tok Challenge, etc., which presented a splendid feast of Cheongsam culture online for tourists from all over the world, and made “traveling around Anren” a “new fashion” for holidays.

Culture is the soul of the city. The city is also the carrier of culture. Nowadays, cultural strength has become the core element of urban competitiveness. In recent years, with the joint efforts of Tourism Development Management Committee of Anren Ancient Town, Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group Ltd., Anren OCT., “Put on the cheongsam and go to Anren” has been made into an important cultural business card, which promotes the branding, normalization, industrialization and internationalization of Anren cheongsam culture by launching more high-quality tourism products. “Put on the cheongsam and go to Anren” promotes culture through tourism and actively helps Chengdu building a world cultural city.

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