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Website Success Tools Review: Excellent Monitoring Services Applauded by Industry Experts

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Website Success Tools Review: Excellent Monitoring Services Applauded by Industry Experts

March 31
14:38 2021
Websites are the bread and butter of most online businesses. They serve a variety of functions. First and foremost, they serve as a businesses’ signage on the internet, identifying who they are or what their brand is about. They provide information, marketing, or entertainment. Many websites also serve as the transaction center for customers, where goods and services are ordered and purchased.

Websites also work great as a platform for businesses and their customers to communicate with each other. However, a website can be more than just an aspect of an online business. A website can be the business itself. That is why maintaining the optimum performance of a website is a serious concern among online business owners. A website can be the only way a business can generate income.

Speaking of income. How much money does a website make? Given the great variety of websites, income numbers vary. According to industry experts, it depends largely on how a website is employed.

A small-scale real-world business that uses a website just as an advertising front, would not be severely affected if its website goes temporarily offline. On the other end, large enterprises, like financial institutions or information technology-based businesses that depend on their websites for operations and large-volume transactions, stand to lose millions of dollars with every moment without their website.

To put it in rough figures, industry experts put downtime losses anywhere between $140,000 per hour to $540,000 per hour. The average? Around $336,000 per hour or $5.600 per minute. It is imperative for online businesses to not experience website outages. But if it is unavoidable, a business would want to shorten the downtime and minimize its impact.

Online businesses address the problem in several ways. One is to rely on redundant server systems to run their website. Cloud hosting is based on this premise where the workload of publishing a website is shared by multiple servers of the cloud. Another way of minimizing the chance of downtime is to employ high-uptime web hosting servers.

Most web hosting servers advertise their uptime rating. The industry average is 99.9% uptime or 0.1% chance of downtime. This might look like an impressive figure, but it translates to the possibility of an 8 hour-long outage happening in a year’s service. Of course, servers with higher uptime ratings are better. One with at least 99.99% uptime minimizes the chance of downtime to less than an hour in a year’s service.

Businesses that have lower tolerances for the downtime should employ a third method for downtime management and that is, use uptime monitoring. Industry experts agree that uptime monitoring is an affordable and effective way of minimizing the impact of downtime.

Uptime monitoring determines a web hosting server’s quality of service by regularly testing its different functional parameters. There’s a difference in methodology even among uptime monitoring service providers. Some conduct more basic tests while others have more involved testing and data collection and use intelligent analysis to determine the seriousness of service anomalies. One such advanced uptime monitoring is from Website Success Tools.

Website Success Tools uses a variety of testing arsenals for uptime monitoring. It utilizes standard HTTP and HEAD tests, TCP tests on different connection ports, DNS tests for IP address translation services, PING tests for server responsiveness, PUSH tests for reverse connectivity testing, and several more methods. Data is collected, analyzed, and the system can discriminate between momentary service “flukes” that are self-clearing and those that are possibly the beginnings of an extended outage.

Once the seriousness and the severity of an impending outage are determined, Website Success Tools’ uptime monitoring service sends an alert via SMS or email, providing the earliest warning for online business owners or system administrators. The system works without the need for any kind of application installation. Monitoring settings, data reports, and account settings can be conveniently accessed through the provider’s website.

Industry experts have long been impressed by Website Success Tools’ exceptional uptime monitoring service and they recommend uptime monitoring for any website-based business.

For more information, visit https://websitesuccess.tools/.

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