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Sumit Pandia Launches “Unknown Pandemic” To Save Humans From A Possible Extinction

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Sumit Pandia Launches “Unknown Pandemic” To Save Humans From A Possible Extinction

April 08
20:04 2021
Independent researcher and analyzer, Sumit Pandia, announces an evolution that evolved some 2 years ago through chemical pollution into the atmosphere that has given the world dual personalities, each one on either end of the spectrum

Sumit Pandia is staying true to his goal of helping to save humanity and ensure as many people as possible in different parts of the world attain happiness as he envisages to announce  “Unknown Pandemic.” The organization was created to highlight the evolution of humans and the awareness of a mental health pandemic that has infected the entire world and significantly increased the violent and physical crimes worldwide which will continue to skyrocket as there is no cure for mental illness as of today.   The world could not handle Covid 19 and surely cannot handle the unknown pandemic that ultimately makes people harm others when they switch personalities.  This can be confirmed as an international threat as there is as of today no cure for mental illness and could accelerate the extinction of humans.

The covid-19 pandemic has shown just how vulnerable the world is to any crisis. In a related development, humans have been identified to be evolving, with people becoming more resilient to air pollution and toxic materials and suffering from a mental illness that was transdermally passed through the skin.   

Unfortunately, very little seems to have been done by scientists and researchers to curb the spread of these vices as they are also in the dark and are unknown victims of the pandemic.

Sumit Pandia is looking to make a difference by shedding more light on the “Unknown Pandemic”. However, states that despite making the world aware he cannot see what can be done as everyone is already infected and as a result, humans have evolved, and are emitting a toxin from their body that the body is now naturally producing. The toxin can be seen by the naked eye as vapor/mist rising from the body especially in times of disagreement.   There seems to be no turning back and he cannot see what measures can be taken if everyone has a dual personality where the other personality is an uncontrollable angry violent one that has no morals or regard for the law.

Sumit Pandia aims to make the world aware of a crisis that has skyrocketed into a ravaging pandemic as witnessed with the Covid-19 situation. A Hindu, who has shown that his love for people and life surpasses the need for wealth and riches, is delving into untested waters as he seeks to prevent further crime and address mental health issues to allow humans to find happiness again.  Nobody is happy anymore, relationships are breaking, and when disagreements happen there is no cooperation and a zero-tolerance, it is as though someone else is speaking, and that is exactly what it is.  One minute your partner/friend loves you, the next minute they hate you. In addition, to top it all off, when they switch back they forget the entire disagreement.

The timeliness of the move by Sumit Pandia cannot be better, considering the increasing number of mental illness cases, with medical practitioners and other stakeholders struggling to control the situation. The work is a project of over half a decade, with Sumit observing, testing, and researching the unknown to trigger new things and get answers to some of the world’s biggest problems.

Sumit Pandia is looking to unveil a plethora of information that was hitherto unknown to millions of people in different parts of the world. Some of the subjects expected to be detailed in his whitepaper include announcing evolution, proving a mental health illness the world has adopted, air and environmental pollution, and the ever-evolving nature of man.  The white paper will also show another side of the dual personality people are suffering from where they also trigger negative hypersensitivity and as a result, this has influenced the rise in violent and sexual crimes.  These crimes are not intentional and are a result of mental illness.

To prove Sumit Pandia states he can trigger any human by force to switch personality without touching them or saying anything, it is what the eyes can see it states.  This will prove everyone has a dual personality illness and people are triggered in different ways.   There will be a significant amount of video evidence and use of personality detection software, psychologists’ and psychiatrists’ comments, and people making their own minds up, as the switch is clearly visible.

Humans are no longer in control of themselves and are controlled by outside influences that trigger them to change personality and do the craziest things.  One example is almost all hotel chains putting butane gas into their air conditioning systems and spying on guests.  Another is cab drivers purposefully releasing butane into the vehicle when triggered.  Proven with gas measuring equipment.

All will be revealed in the white paper, which will be released shortly.  If anyone has anything to share meanwhile then do not hesitate to contact me via email or via WhatsApp on the below number.

Since writing this article Mr. Pandia states he went to A and E at the royal free hospital in Whitechapel and was alarmed by how toxic the air was.  He will report this to environmental control and update on results.

Just because you are still alive and breathing does not mean you are not a victim who is at risk of committing a serious violent or physical offense when you switch personality.

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