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PawPal seeks to highlight the importance of nail trims on dog health

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PawPal seeks to highlight the importance of nail trims on dog health

May 07
00:21 2021

PawPal is striving to bring awareness to the community about the importance of nail trims on dog health. With their powerful flashlight trimmer DIY nail trims were never safer or easier to do! 

It is imperative that owners understand how important a regular nail trim is for their dog’s health. 

PawPal hopes to educate owners on the need to trim their dog’s nails fortnightly, if not weekly. Many owners are ignorant of the damage they may unintentionally cause by skipping nail trims. 

A regular nail trim ensures dogs walk comfortably. Long nails put strain on the tendons and can cause injury to the paw, leg structure and back.

A PawPal representative explains: for dogs, having overgrown nails is much like wearing too tight shoes. Imagine the discomfort, pain and pressure felt walking around all day with your toes pushed up against the inside of your shoes? 

When nails are too long the angle of the paw tilts back, putting strain on the leg muscles and back. Over time this risks injury to the paw and leg structure and can even cause deformity, impeding the dog’s ability to walk.

Owning a nail trimmer will guarantee dogs nails are never problematically long. Regular trims keep the quick short and ensure the nails remain at a healthy length.

PawPal explains how one 5 minute nail trim every 2 weeks is all it takes to keep the nails from becoming overgrown. This practice also helps prevent overgrowth of the quick and eliminates the risk of ever overcutting.

By investing in an electric nail file, owners can expect to save hundreds of dollars a year in groomer/vet fees. Prevention is the best policy when it comes to a dog’s health. In the long run, a regular nail trim can save thousands in vet fees, by preventing chronic conditions caused by overgrown nails, later.

PawPal trimmers are specially designed with a silent powerful motor that trims quickly. The built-in flashlight helps to clearly identify the quick, even in dark nails, and the adjustable head gives better control, making trimming easy for even the most inexperienced amongst us!

Trimming with PawPal creates a unique opportunity to bond. By taking it slowly and making nail trims a regular part of your dog’s weekly grooming routine, owners and dogs can make this a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

PawPal trimmers are made of the highest quality materials. Ultimately, PawPal aims to improve the experience of dog ownership, by making trimming easy and enjoyable for dogs and owners alike.

“We understand just how stressful the responsibility of caring for a dog can be, so we hope to alleviate some of that stress, if we can.”

PawPal seeks to support passionate animal lovers who care for the welfare of their furry friends. The organization said animal lovers can join The PawPal Club for exclusive training tips, special promotions and discounts. 

PawPal offers customers the opportunity to contribute to worthy animal-focused causes with each purchase, working to provide safety, security, and enrichment to the health and well-being of dogs world-wide.

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