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Dr. Vee Transforms, Awakens, & Develops Clients’ Purpose From The Inside Out

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Dr. Vee Transforms, Awakens, & Develops Clients’ Purpose From The Inside Out

November 30
05:12 2021
Veronie “Dr. Vee” Lawrence is a transformational coach, inspirational speaker, and author of “Hope”. Her ministry, Support Educate Empower & Develop Solutions, abbreviated as S.E.E.D.S. offers individuals and organizations tools to transform, awaken, and become the best version of themselves.

Veronie “Dr. Vee” Lawrence’s coaching and consulting ministry, OneSEED solutions is dedicated to transforming, awakening, and developing their clients’ to give them the right purpose in life. Through her incredible initiatives such as her book, H.O.P.E, and some highly interactive seminars.

The inspirational speaker and transformational coach, Dr. Vee shares, “I am passionate about helping people look beyond their limitations because that is when they will truly discover the limitless possibilities.” The pioneering author believes that when individuals have the right support, they will feel empowered, take advantage of educational opportunities, and focus on their personal development they undoubtedly will be the best version of themselves.

Dr. Veronie Lawrence’s main objective is to bring more hope and instill faith in the lives of people who are most in need of them. She wants to plant the seed of hope in them and cultivate it so they can enjoy a truly abundant life. Her profound, deep, and empowering voice aims to reach people needful for the support, education, and empowerment to bring their life on track.

Her book, H.O.P.E. consists of real stories of real women and how they transformed their lives despite their painful experiences. In this book, the author has come along with some exceptionally courageous and gracious women. The book gives their life’s account of how they victoriously triumphed through unprecedented yet troublesome circumstances. The book brings relatable life stories of faith, courage, and strength for all those people who have dealt with betrayal, sadness, abandonment, and abuse. It surely makes one powerful read!

Dr. Veronie Lawrence has helped thousands of people rediscover a new purpose in life. She has held successful and faith-oriented seminars to help people overcome their setbacks in life. Her faith and psychology-based seminar, “I Am Enough” aims to educate people with significant emotional and interpersonal intelligence to help them transform from inside out. This seminar has helped numerous people gain a new perspective in life by propelling them to the next level indeed.

Dr. Vee’s College Connection Services is all about meeting students and parents for one-on-one sessions. The nominal-fee based seminar or workshop will surely enlighten students and parents to dress for success for various college and career interviews.

The inspirational speaker is changing the myth of invisibility of Black women in America through her dialog and empowering seminar, “AM I Invisible – Black Women In America”. The interactive seminar explores why Black women are treated this way and what changes they can make to eradicate this myth.

Dr. Vee is certainly delivering some highly supportive, educational, empowering, and developmental solutions for her global clients, both individuals, and organizations. Learn more about Dr. Veronie Dee Lawrence and her latest events and initiative through her website here.

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